The Only Smash Room In New England

About Us

Let Some Stress Out…

Smash The Room is New Englands only smash room. It was started in 2017 by Jason Eastty, owner of Escape Games Worcester, to provide a way for people to “let some stress out” in a fun & safe environment.

Smash The Room is exactly what it sounds like. You enter into a specially designed room, put on your PPE (personal protective equipment) we provide for you, choose your weapon of choice, blast your favorite music and you proceed to smash almost everything in the room to pieces (just not the walls, ceiling & floor). When you’re done you don’t even have to worry about cleaning up, we take care of that for you.

Due to the overwhelming response Smash The Room is currently closed while we move to a larger location. We will resume taking reservations & selling gift cards as soon as we reopen in our new, larger location. Thank you so much for making Smash The Room such a popular place to be!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in the Smash Room?

Put on the provided PPE (personal protective equipment), choose your weapon, choose your music & smash away.

Why a Smash Room?

It’s a fun & unique way to kill some time and destroy things.

Is there an age limit?

You need to be at least 18. We will check ID’s so make sure you bring one.

Is it safe?

We make it as safe as we possibly can. You will be the only person in the room while smashing. You will be wearing PPE at all times. You can be as aggressive as you want but you need to know the limits of your body. You could potentially overexert yourself, pull a muscle, twist an ankle or knee, etc…

Can someone who is pregnant do it?

Absolutely not. Sorry, it’s not worth the risk to anyone.

Can someone be in the room with me?

As of now it’s one person at a time.

Can I share time with someone?

As of now you cannot.

Can you just walk-in or do you need to book in advance?

Smash The Room needs to be booked in advance.

Can we bring our own items to smash?

You absolutely can! No light bulbs or anything toxic. We recommend framed pictures of ex’s.

Can you design a custom room/scenario for me to smash?

Absolutely, as the creators of Escape Games Worcester we have the ability to recreate virtually any environment/scene for you. Pricing will depend on the intricacy of the scene. Think “bull in a china shop” or “Office Space printer scene”.

For general questions & booking, contact us

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